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    1. FT-105E 高吸收性樹脂密度測定儀

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      FT-105E 高吸收性樹脂密度測定儀

      FT-105E 高吸收性樹脂密度測定儀 

      FT-105E  High absorption resin density tester

      適用于聚丙烯鹽酸類高吸收性樹脂及粉塵堆積密度的測定,參照GB/T 22875-2008的規定。

      This device is suitable for the determination of high absorptive resin and powder packing density in polypropylene hydrochloric acid, which conforms to the national standard GB/T 22875-2008.The test method is similar to the international related standards requirement


      不銹鋼漏斗容量大于120ml,且帶有孔氏阻尼或擋板,底口內徑10±0.01mm, 角度40°;

      The volume of SS funnel is greater than 120ml, and with hole damping or baffle, the inner diameter of bottom outlet is 10±0.01mm,angle 40°.


      The distance between the bottom of funnel and the top of cup is40mm±1mm.


      Density cup: stainless steel, volume 100±0.5cm3.   

      4.漏斗支撐架和底板有定位The funnel bracket and the bottom plate are positioned.


      Equipment: level, steel ruler, brush, manual, warranty card, certificate.