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    1. FT-105D塑料流動性測試儀

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       FT-105D  Plastic fluidity tester

      一.適用范圍Applicable scope:


      this standard specifies two methods: method A and method B.It is measured by measuring the flow time of powder or granular plastic out of the funnel.Method A can obtains information related to processing performance, while method B is designed for process control during production, PVC resin


      GB∕T 21060-2007《塑料 流動性的測定》,;ISO 6186-1998《塑料 流動性的測定》


      Indicate by the needed time which a certain mass or volume of sample outflow the prescribed dimensions funnel.



      Funnel: funnel with convertible interface, stainless steel, inner wall with polishing treatment. Funnel outlet with control valve, Funnel has grounding wire to eliminate the impact of static electricity on the test results.

      漏斗上口徑為:110mm;出口孔徑分別為:10±0.05mm,高度為:140mm;15±0.05mm, 高度為:133mm;25±0.05mm,高度為:120mm三種規格,角度40度;


      The upper opening diameter of the funnel: 110mm. The  outlet diameter respectively: 10±0.05mm,height: 140mm. 15±0.05mm,height: 133mm. 25±0.05mm,height:120mm in three specifications. Angle is 40 degrees. According to the standard requirements if the liquidity of the test sample is poor, unable to flow completely or not at all, therefore the diameter of funnel is changed in test, and indicated in the test report.


      This instrument is equipped with bracket which use for support the stability of funnel.


      Main components: base, bracket, outlet control valves, funnel, stopwatch, steel ruler, brush, manual, certificate, warranty card.