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    1. FT-104A 氧化鋁/氟化鋁安息角測定儀

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      FT-104A 氧化鋁/氟化鋁安息角測定儀


      FT-104Aaluminum oxide/fluorinated aluminium angle of repose meter



      It was designed and manufactured according to the national standard GB/T6609.24-2004 "the method of chemical analysis of alumina oxide and the method of physical performance measurement: "determination of repose angle ".

      YS/T581.13氧化鋁化學分析方法和物理性能測定方法 安息角的測定》。

      Conforms to YS/T581.13 . technical specification “aluminium oxide chemical analysis method and the measurement method of physical performance angle of repose measurement”.



      SS funnel: upper inner diameter 74mm, feed opening inner diameter 6mm,

      between the two baffle plates with 1mm sieve. The funnel is fastened on the bracket.


      Electroplated steel bottom plate: The bottom plate is made of steel, minimum size: width 200mm, length 270mm, thick 18mm. On the surface of polished electroplated steel bottom plate carved four straight lines with 45 degree angles each other. There are 1 position pin for fixed height gauge in the center part of the funnel, the bottom plate is provided with adjustable feet.


      Funnel holder: made of stainless steel, the structure should be fastened.

      Funnel center line perpendicular to center position pin.


      Height gauge(Metal cylinder for determine the height): it is a polished stainless steel cylinder, height 40mm, a groove at the bottom, so as to connect with the positioning pin center of the bottom plate.


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